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Isragon War
Date August 21, 2009-ongoing
Location Isragon, Oak Hill
Result TBD
23px Oak Hill
Atrubia flag.jpg Atrubia
Isporos flag.jpg Isporos
Lower Columbia flag.png Lower Columbia
Medical staff:
Jiesan flag.jpg Jiesan
Template:Flagisragon Isragon
The Northern Militia
23px Jack Jordan
23px John Wilson
23px Charlie Cooper
23px Jack Baker
23px Jan Black
Lower Columbia flag.png John Retcliffe
Template:Flagisragon Juan Pablo Sánchez
23px 220,000
Lower Columbia flag.png 18,968
Atrubia flag.jpg 2,000
Isporos flag.jpg 2,000
Total: 242,968
Template:Flagisragon 200,000
Total: 400,000
Civilian: 1,618 dead
Total: 1,618 dead

The Isragon War is an ongoing armed conflict between League of Nations members, and Isragon together with The Northern Militia that began on August 21, 2009 following a series of declarations of war led by Oak Hill.


On August 20, 2009, at approximately 3:00 P.M., a bomb exploded within the Liberty Tower of the Bank of Oak Hill in Oak Hill City. The President of Oak Hill, Albert Jackson, was inside the building at the time of the explosion. The following day, the Oak Hill Parliament announced that the President was among the 180 people that died, including Chief of Security J. Swagger, 16 security agents, and 162 civilians. The Parliament also reported that The Northern Militia (TNM) claimed to have been responsible for the attack. Within the next few hours, League of Nations governments individually expressed their outrage and sorrow caused by the event.

On the same day, the government of Isragon claimed responsibility to all actions made by TNM which sparked more outrage among League of Nations members. Atrubia was the first to offer military assitance to Oak Hill while King Peter III of Isporos threatened to retaliate against Isragon.

Fourteen hours after the explosion, the Military Intelligence Center (MIC) reconaissance spotted a military base established near the border of Oak Hill and Isragon. MIC also reported to have seen a missile silo within the base.

On August 21, 2009, at 11:46 P.M., the MIC detected a missile launch targeting the city of Green Lake.

Declaration of War

One hour after the launch, which was successfully intercepted by an anti-missile, Oak Hill officially declared war on Isragon. However, the initially reported triumphant interception of the missile came at the expense of it exploding near the village of Sun Field killing 1,456 people.

Three hours after the incident, both Isporos and Atrubia declared war on Isragon while Lower Columbia's declaration of war came after another three hours.

International Reaction

  • Atrubia flag.jpg Atrubia: Atrubian President Abidhajad Aljakar stated in a press confrence "I am deeply saddened by this attack on Oak Hill soil. Atrubia has dealt with terrorists in the past and we will not continue to deal with them, especially in other countries. We will not tolerate this ongoing threat any longer. I hearby announce to provide Oak Hill with any financial problem necessary and we offer the support of our military as well. We will not just stand by and watch other countries get attacked like this."
  • Isporos flag.jpg Isporos: Prior to declaring war, King Peter III stated, "The odds are not in your favor Isragon. Isporos will not pledge any military support for now, until the situation warrants it, don't be mistaken, we can send over troops within 48-72 hours."
  • Lower Columbia flag.png Lower Columbia: In a press confrence, King Zachary said, "Once again, one of Lower Columbia's allies has found itself under attack from shadowy enemies. On behalf of my people, I offer the citizens of Oak Hill my deepest condolences for their losses this day, and my prayers are with the rescuers and President Jackson. Should Oak Hill accept, I pledge to send some of Lower Columbia's bravest soldiers to track down and punish the scoundrels responsible for this attack. God bless you all."
  • Jiesan flag.jpg Jiesan: In a statement to the press, President Park Jae-Shin stated, "The Jiesanese people are saddened by the death of innocent citizens and President Jackson of Oak Hill as the result of an inhuman attack made by the terrorists. The Jiesanese Armed Forces will send medical assistance to Leauge troops in the field."